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Vary your workouts

Are you stuck in a rut? Vary your workout, vary the intensity, vary the length of time, do something different, and hire a trainer to learn something new and change up your routine. Remember, to enjoy your workouts and take care of your body. It’s the only one you have.

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Master’s Training Tip

Once you are over 40 you can no longer ignore any type of pain or injury. You need to take care of it immediately. I strongly recommend massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractics, rolfing, myofacial trigger point therapy and acupuncture. The method you use depends on the type of nagging pain or injury you have. Don’t […]

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Live Blood Analysis

If you have never tried “live blood analysis” I strongly recommend it. If you are not feeling well and are not sure why, I’d give it a try. Check your yellow pages for a Masters Herbalist or just ask your local nutritional store.

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