Book Signings

Saturday, May 8th – 1-3pm,  Bibles Plus in Albuquerque  (Candelaria & Wyoming)

Sunday, May 9th – 2:30pm-4pm, Bookworks in Albuquerque (4022 Rio Grande Blvd. in the Flying Star Plaza)

Wednesday, May 12th – 5-7pm, Fleet Feet in Albuquerque (Wyoming & Menaul)

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Order Trish’s book Rekindle Your Dreams

Today’s women are discovering they want to fulfill their dreams too, in addition to raising a family or after the children leave home. This book encourages and shows busy women how to live their dream, even though they think it is too late or they haveno time. It gives practical ideas, tools and six steps using the acronym DREAMS to be successful.

Rekindle Your Dreams
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Dare to dream
Realize the benefits to yourself and others
Eliminate the excuses
Action plan
Make it happen
Say thanks

This book includes several other women’s stories, will make you laugh, and inspire you to pursue your passion.

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Porter Wins 7th straight U.S. Masters National Championships

Porter wins age 45-49 for the seventh straight year in the high jump.

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Vary your workouts

Are you stuck in a rut? Vary your workout, vary the intensity, vary the length of time, do something different, and hire a trainer to learn something new and change up your routine. Remember, to enjoy your workouts and take care of your body. It’s the only one you have.

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Porter wins 6th U.S. Masters National Championships

Trish won her sixth year in a row of U.S. National Masters Outdoor Championship high jump titles in Spokane Washington,age 45-49 years.

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Porter Wins World Masters Championships in Italy

Trish won her third World Masters Championships title competing in Riccionne, Italy on September 6, 2007.  She jumped 5′ 1/2″ for age 45-49 years.

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Porter wins fifth concecutive U.S. Masters Nationals Championship

Trish won her fifth outdoor U.S. Masters National Championships title in Orono, Maine, jumping 5’1″ for age 40-44 years. This is her sixth U.S. Masters title.

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Fourth Masters National Championships Victory

Trish won her fourth U.S. National Masters Championships in Charlotte North Carolina in August for age 40-44 years.

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Master’s Training Tip

Once you are over 40 you can no longer ignore any type of pain or injury. You need to take care of it immediately. I strongly recommend massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractics, rolfing, myofacial trigger point therapy and acupuncture. The method you use depends on the type of nagging pain or injury you have. Don’t ignore it; it wont go away. It will only get worse and cause other problems! Try not to simply cover it up with Advil.

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Live Blood Analysis

If you have never tried “live blood analysis” I strongly recommend it. If you are not feeling well and are not sure why, I’d give it a try. Check your yellow pages for a Masters Herbalist or just ask your local nutritional store.

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